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About Us

Mirror Image Books publishes books with African American children as the lead characters.  This singular focus fills a market void that traditional publishers have ignored.

Mirror Image Books was founded by Alison Woods – a retired beverage industry executive. She is the author of Mirror Image’s first book series: The KaylaKay Books.  She believes that reading to our children is an act of love that will create lifelong memories.  That love forms the very foundation for everything that Mirror Image wants to accomplish.

We're new.  We're learning.  We're excited.  And we're humbled by all of you that are taking this journey with us.  Your support and your enthusiasm are the fuel to our fire.

Mirror Image Books is accepting manuscripts from authors and design portfolios from illustrators. Please send to

My Name is Kayla

The first book in the KaylaKay series, My Name is Kayla, is the story of how a baby discovers her name. Expressly written for young children, the series will follow the title character’s growth as she experiences the world around her. Traveling by plane, going to church, nicknames, what her parents do at work, why grandparents exist and the magic of the holidays are just some of the discoveries Kayla will make and share.

Release December 2019

Kayla Hardcover Comp2 SM
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